Your Song
©1997 by Siobhan
Together in the night, all is quiet between us - for now.
That will change, Love, for I want to hear you sing.
I live to hear you sing, I live to please you;
You are my heart of hearts, Love; sing for me!

I know well how to make you sing, Love;
You've sung for me before, gloriously.
A rising crescendo of music, of passion,
Wrung from your greatest depths.

Your song starts silently, Love,
As my lips brush your ear, whispering, promising.
The goosebumps gather, spread,
Silently, your song has begun.

My lips at your ear are joined by my fingertips,
Plying their own zone above your knees.
Ah! A tremor along your thigh, a separation of limbs.
Silent still, your song continues.

Lips move downwards, teasing the breast-flesh.
Fingers move upward, sliding, insinuating.
A moan and a sigh, joined together in one expiration;
No longer silent, yet still quietly, your song continues.

Tongue moistening the erecting point crowning your breast;
Fingers skipping playfully to probe your deep navel.
Was that a gasp, Love? Was that yet another?
Ah! Your song continues, not so quietly.

As I straddle your body, gazing into your eyes,
My fingers are strumming the strings of your open thighs.
They move in practiced cadence toward the goal, preparing it;
Panting, gasps, pleas - yes, your song continues.

Oh, Love, as I slide backward and downward,
Paying homage to the bowl of your sweet belly with my lips,
You must know that I myself am too aroused to wait,
And, in heightened cadence and tone, your song continues.

And now I feast at your core, at the essence of you.
Your hands descend to press my mouth hard against you.
Your hips attain their rhythm of obedience to my tongue,
And your song, ever-rising in beauty and urgency, continues.

I've never known how you learned to delay The Moment.
But you did, and I cannot stop until you release me.
Through it all, your open mouth and your throat and your lungs
Hurl heavenward the glory of your song.

Later, much later, after we've embraced and melded,
And have reaffirmed our spiritual love by the act of physical love,
We look peacefully and gently into each other's eyes,
Content for the moment - until it's time for you to sing again.

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