"You Want To Know"
©2000 by Little Rascal

You want to know,
Have I fallen in love?
How can I explain.
I see your smile from photos
But have yet to gaze into your eyes.
I have felt your embrace in my mind,
But have never touched your hand.
Yet you have touched my soul,
And have stolen my heart.
As surely as I must breathe,
I need you in my life,
To share the joys & bear the sorrow.
I long to hear your laughter,
When life is being kind.
To hear you softly speak my name,
Your voice brimming with desire.
To hold you in those moments
When all you rally need,
Is a caring touch,
To ground you in reality.
Needing, longing,
Wanting, desiring,
Sharing, giving....
Somehow, with all the odds against us,
I have fallen in love....
In more ways
Than I ever thought possible.

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