You Are...
©July 1999 by EarthMother

My she, my eternity
My lover, my cover
My sight, my stick tight
My motive, my votive
My breath, my death
My fire, my entire
My concern, my yearn
My dear, my revere
My sense, my prurience
My need, my indeed
My lust, my must
My truth, my youth
My rapture, my capture
My want, my flaunt
My friend, my blend
My sound, my profound
My right, my delight
My aspire, my require
My just, my trust
My desire, my inspire
My found, my astound
My sweet, my complete
My might, my ignite
My warm, my transform
My adore, my ever more
My pleasure, my treasure
My erotic, my exotic
My aware, my dare
My mild, my wild
My soul, my whole
My feel, my real
My drink, my link
My sublime, my lifetime
My obsess, my success
My fear, my endear
My kiss, my bliss
My dream, my extreme
My try, my high
My passion, my fashion
My test, my best
My day, my way
My night, my starlight
My content, my permanent
My life, my Wife

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