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I awoke this morning to find myself
Wrapped in a warm and tender embrace.
Gently I turned so I could look down
Upon my beloved's so beautiful face.
Something whispered softly in my ear,
Told me that I must go take up a pen.
Write these thoughts and feelings
Before I may lay it down again.
It's scary how much control may be
Exercised with a few careless words.
There's oft enough power contained therein
To cause severe damage and hurt.
An incredible amount of influence
To change two people's lives.
If but one of those players allows
But an inkling of doubt to be derived.
To myself I pondered, 'What have I done
That is considered so terribly bad?
What compels so many others in this world
To think fear and prejudice is to be had?'
I haven't committed murder, robbed a bank,
Nor even burned down a house...
The only crime apparently committed
Is my having a woman for a spouse.
We are just two people who fell in love
And finally found our hearts' desire;
Is it too much that we ask merely
To be happy and not be thrown upon the fire?
A thousand tears have been spilled
And our hearts nearly broken in two;
Alas, I fear that more will descend upon us
Before with this we are nearly through.
If it were but me I would take gladly
All the pain and slander upon my own head.
I would stand firmly and with immense pride
Turn aside all that has been said.
It's not that easy, unfortunately,
For 'tis my 'family' that is involved;
My darling wife and her children,
Around whom mine own life revolves.
To leave her would be the end of me
Yet if I had to I determine I would.
If it were the only way to protect them,
And was truly for the greater good.
I pray that with the support of our dear friends
And our own deep abiding love combined,
That before much longer (and it's too late)
A plausible solution we will find.
Both of us do know logically
That this problem may never arise.
But I think it's better to be prepared
For that eventuality and not be surprised.

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