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With Me
©1999 by FParis

You have become a friend for all time …
you’re gonna be with me ‘til I lose my mind!

I am timeless, I’m patient … what love is about!
I am the feeling you never will doubt!

With every heartbreaker that enters your soul,
I’ll be there to help with remaking it whole.

Believe me, my friend, this isn’t a line …
you’re gonna be with me ‘til I lose my mind!

Came Close
©1999 by FParis

Let me tell you how close I had come,
to losing my mind through this deal …
each time that I felt I was losing some,
I told myself, “this friend is real!”

I remember I’d said that you’d be for all time …
I meant every word that I said!
So if I had let this ordeal take my mind,
I figure I’d rather be dead!

Each and every other memory,
of all the things we’ve been through …
brings a tear and a smile, with harmony!
I know I won’t die without you!

Actually, life seems much brighter!
Knowing you ‘guarantees’ that!
Though what we have is much lighter;
my thoughts say my mind is intact!

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