With and Without Lilly
©April 9, 2000 by Bastet

Do I not know  passion when I feel it?
Being so enraged on this chilled winters eve, under her wing was her tender breath
A breath felt on my shoulders, not like of any I felt before
Thus we began more thirst for drink
Under her other was the blurry eyed man, not I

My appetite lifted her softness as her fingers danced on my pink blushed belly
For I am Red with shame, but so much frosted with desire, my blue eyed lily
Her lips ever so pale. They are wet and waiting for me in her naked bed
A bed so white it matches her wingspan as she stretches out before me
This world means my lust wrong, that the world hath ending with life

Ten Kisses short as one, For how can a woman compare Venus?
My kissing speaks as streams shall flow, but I can not see into realties delight
Thus my strength over lustful language  burned broken
For do I need a Rosebud forever?
I need her air of grace, her garden of light to fill me whole

I fret in resistance, but here I lay....
Above this moons glowing seduction
Broken stemmed we shall be?
Oh my dear Lilly, she hears me with her pretty ear
She added a smile to her dance as she came upon me, lifted my hair and touched my
Pale thigh.

I kissed this milky skin next to mine, breast against another

Between mothers milk and Black steel, I shall have her but one last time
For my swelling passion is impatient.
My wrong shall never be born right. I therefore bribed the destinies with my impure
Defeature of lies..

Now I shall weep again before the earths sun sees me
A thousand honey kisses I left
For there is relief when we are real, dear Lilly
Raindrops will replace the recreation she brought forth to me
For the poor detachment of two pink loves is as delicate as breasts spilling into my hands.

Unnatural but let this demon inside me be put to rest, Dear Lilly
I shall never forget my sweet Love, Lilly

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