Why wont you be mine?
©1999 by Jasmine

     It hurts me to see you love someone else after all that we've been
through.  All  the Nights we made love and held each other...All of the
late night phone calls.  How could you act like  nothing ever happened
every time I see you?  Have your feelings dissipated or worse, NEVER
     I don't know what it is that is preventing you from loving me.
Maybe its because I am a woman and it doesn't seem right.  Maybe it is
because you think I'm a player and you will get hurt.  Maybe its because
you like to see me in pain..  Maybe you just wanna prove a point..
Every time I tell you I like you, you think I'm full of shit...Your
exact words to me were... .."you're good, I give It to you, you get the
Academy Award".....BITCH...I don't want any award. Don't you get It? I
want you. I've wanted you for 2 long years now...Two long painstaking
years..Years of which you played with my emotions b/c you thought I was
playing with yours.  I'm being real with you!  Why wont you be mine?
     I know you think I still love HER.  The reality of it is I DON'T
LOVE HER...any more..what I HAD for my ex, well to put it bluntly...is
over, but no matter how much I tell you that you still don't believe
me...Why......Mami?  Why wont you just be mine?  Is that really too much
to ask?                 I would do almost anything to prove my feelings
for you are REAL...I don't know what it is that makes me think about
you, but believe me, it must be something to make me write about you....
     Sweet baby.. I love you..So again I ask, Why wont you be mine?

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