We Danced
©2000 by FParis

I never have enjoyed a dance the way I did with you;
and though the music ended, I just knew we were not through.

I may have heard a different song than what was really playing Ö
but then again, I think there were a few things you werenít saying.

You danced away from me as unexpected music started Ö
Iím sorry if I made you feel you left me broken hearted.

I thought I would be able to just watch you waltz away Ö
I wish I had been able to bow-out more gracefully.

It seemed to be the saddest song Iíve heard in many years Ö
so Iíll just say the music was the cause of all those tears.

I want you knowing Iím so very sorry for the scene Ö
disgracefully departing from the dance floor of my dreams.

Very seldom do I break a promise that Iíve made Ö
I didnít have a clue that it would make me feel betrayed.

I can only hope that if our music starts again,
youíll take into consideration what we had back when.

And if you find the current song no longer is appealing,
do not forget how much I care, and how I still am Ďfeelingí

I realize perspective Ö it cannot bridge the miles;
but please remember you are half the reason this heart smiles.

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