©1999 by Sherri Kohler

  ...The art of imagination whispers in urgency the prayer of
eternalflow; orbital motion; planetary.

     Emotion awakes within loves solar system surrounded with baby stars
burning so brightly, as if to imitate our dreams flirting with the
flight of the sky; yet, questions begging for certainty drip from your
tongue like the wetness falling from your cheeks and I am anchored
inside blue waves of freedom crashing against the rocks of irony.

     My ghost of futuristic passion is a horizontal pendulum with
boundless momentum swinging from you.  Yes, you; the puppeteer of fate,
intoxicated with understanding, indulgent in wisdom.  Your soul is in
disguise; my soul hypnotized.  Still I release you from my gluttonous
ache to capture you, for I know you belong to the kingdom of the clouds
where you reign as the yellow goddess of day, and when the sky cries I
am baptized in your rays of gratitude hug me in warmth, drying my
weather beaten skin, after the storms of distance.

     Now your lips are moist with my soul's blood, breathing life out of
me-into me.  My arms extended as my spirit takes flight harmonizing with
the strokes of your desire; painting introduction; spiritual expression
meets canvas.  reflected light takes shape, revealing images at
patience's command.  Tattooed heart pumping fluid hope through my
veins.  Chanting worship echoes inside our realm of unconsciousness as
my fingertips discover lucid mist upon your flesh.  Would I be foolish
in my obsession to believe this exploration of spirit is only a
priveledge unto myself, but rather the sacred tie binding us together?
Intertwined; knotted.  Meanwhile the serenity of your stare, passive in
blink, haunts my teple of dwelling thought.

     Perhaps this love will not evolve into the next ice age with our
souls playing the role of dinosaurs; extinction.  All of our theories
tossed assunder, like meteorites in battle with gravity.  Even so,
doesn't all past tragedy transform from destructive caterpillar into
butterfly of virgin creativity?

     Imagined art whispering in urgency the prayer of eternal flow...

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