"The Unwritten Script"
©1999 by Liz Green

Clouds surround us
No rays of sweet sunshine to direct the course.
The rains fall on my face and blend with my tears to burn a hole through my soul.
I long to go back in time, back on the path to unfold.

Back to where the light opened my eyes
When I looked beyond and saw the Mountain
The Mountain now covered with mist.

Bewildering to think my “words” have turned on me
They open Pandora’s Box; they let the serpent out
To coil and attack, to strangle what life there was.

My words betray me, while they tend to weave in and around you,
Now they inflame you and upset, toss the harmony, like a rag doll
It is the words and actions, felling and thoughts that make us human
And now my humanity has just crashed into the guardrail.

It is so dark around me; I can not find my way to mend the damage
It is true, I do direct the words, but somehow, I misunderstood the “unwritten script”.

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