©1999 by Jeannie McMullen

She trips over the cord and says,
"Shapes have indefinite meaning"
The curves are feminine
and when she moves,
I am reminded of that.
I know I could
Keep the rhythm
almost unnoticed,
or maybe...
You would feel my heat
And I would lose you
in the bodies.
Unable to recognize
the curve of the small of your back.
A vision I have memorized,
Played over and over again
while slowly placing my hand there.
And maybe you could look me in the eye
just one more time
My lips could explore
your s-curves, half moons and even your jagged edges
unaffected by external sounds
immersed in you
but you would hear
the voices
and recognize the stares
and your lips would move
but the shapes have
indefinite meaning
and I can not
hear your words clearly.

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