Typical galaxy
©2000 by Bastet

        Where I came from beats make waves with machines.
Sky's clouds give themselfs kisses. They flow so
slow..... It seems to be a dreamland covered in a shade
of majestic silk. Candy from flowers bursting with
brimmed unexhausted time.

        Mountains almost as tall as the perlish moon, falling
over in it's white sand.
        Jupiter... Planets revolving faster and faster.
Spaceships flying to the beats. Waves of light, beams
of light. An absorbing heart never returned.

        Blue and pink swirls dissolve draped in lights
suggestion. The Hypnotizing hunter. Astonishing
landscapes holding it's rampant imagination with a
conquering human eye. Thinking fast, oh so fast. The
sun is kicking, penatrating, pushing rays into the
soil, sand or is it me?

        An infatuation with delicious rain now comes asking
me to take a midnight stroll . To dabble in my eye
thus dampening my hair and making my shoes bleed.
Acid, acid rain, circling, being sucked down to the
earths disarming core.

        Fragile cactus flowers down below with thorny
ribs declare humid quietness. It's hollow trunk
unbarably impatient. Twilight sea,turgid sea, it never

        The roots of the bittersweet mulch and rotting Erns
descend from down below. Quiet, no people just
thinking and that's where I'm from, where I came, went
and visit all the time.

        But wait! Hold on, but just one second. I'm on the
street walking from Queens to Manhattan. I'm thinking
what can be better than reading twenty, forty, fifty,
thousand precious books in one's life time. You'll be
from so many places, but yet your the most avoided
creature. It's my typical galaxy peeping through the
wooden keyhole.

        Solving, thinking a problem that you never thought
you could solve in a lifetime. Better than sleeping,
watching TV, or ... sex?

        Just brain pleasure. Carrying this train off it's
track. Flashing knowledge stepping back
and forth. Blue and organic black seas with rainbow
sharks. I was there. I lived, I loved and one day,like
the rest of us, I'll die. I'll be there again.

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