"Treasure Box"
©1998 by Melissa Kehr

Note:  for my sweet Abelina

beautiful brown-eyed star
shooting across my little girl sky -
white hot woman, your light sets afire my skin,
pale in moonlight.
...crimson lips poised to kiss
and tongues tied in loveknots,
small hands search for treasure
buried deliciously deep.
delicate, trembling...
I wait for you to find me.
closer...my darling star please stay-
love me and open me up...
...enjoy me like sweet melon,
cool and wet and pink on a hot summer day -
...make a mess of me!
slide inside and quench that maddening thirst-
let it drip from your chin, my sugary stuff...sticky candy.
 ***treasure box***
beautiful star about to explode - blood boils
like lava; red hot heart...
let my flames lick you gently,
smoke from your skin...
  my lips kiss you softly,
wet mouth to cool you.
  never felt so wonderfully undone -
lost with you, lover
 ...never to find my way back,
tonight by the light of the moon
  your belly is my final destination.
my heart, great and swollen and new
she calls to you...
my treasure, rich and good and true
it belongs to you.
I'm smiling all over, and gazing at you
  I glimpse the brightest star
I think I have ever known.

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