Todaysí Forever
©1999 by FParis

"Don't let 'what might have been' interfere with
'what might be'... love the one you're with
'like there ain't no yesterday'!"

When you can give your all, and receive theirs, and yet, that
forever ends, at least you can walk away with the feeling you
were living in a moment you would die for ... and each time you
love, each 'forever' will be as great!

Forever starts today, and ends tomorrow.
Love will be ours, just to have and share.
I believe there's no need for the sorrow...
if yesterday remembers how we cared.
My past in filled with tears cried from lost hearts...
but memories soon filled the empty places.
And smiles took the place of all the broken parts...
because the look of love was on their faces!

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