To Dream
©1999 by Vanessa de Vera

I awoke and stirred-
And felt your presence in the morning
When the sun kisses the horizon
You shined unto me-
Upon my sloping valleys
And between ravines and plains

I played my role in the game
Not knowing why or how
Or if my dreams have faded
Into this abandoned purgatory
Even though they are all Iíve known
Or all Iíve wanted to see

Who knows
If all was meant to be.
That maybe we are separated by
One foolish deed
Or if our stagnant future
Was previously conceived
I cannot derive a truth
Fit to deem
Because all Iíve known
Or believed in
were dreamed.

Tell me, lover
Was it your reality or
My fantasy
That urged you to become
An unattained
To you-
Stars and comets
are merely the norm
To me-
They are passion
In alternative form

Begging the question
Yet not needing the answer
Iíve come to detest
This compelling unrest
To dream-
Be it dream
Or think what is true-
Is the only sane way
When I think of you.

If I had the honor of
Holding you, in this dimension
Itís unclear-
All the time that I have wondered
Perhaps itís reality I fear-
That your kisses be not melting
Sitting softly on my cheek
That your undulating essence
Is not rendering me weak

Itís beyond what I speak
When youíre touching me, sweet
Your sunrain coursing throughout me
Our heartbeats in-sync

To fathom the possiblity
Of  reaching beyond
My own idyllic idiosyncrasy
Is incredibly innocuous
Against the strength of my dreams.

My heart will still pump
And this world will go on
Just as long as Iím allowed
To dream what Iíve dreamed
To love what I need
Keeping my smile
Making my days worthwhile
As I dream of life
And love as the same
When I sleep soundly
And breathe deeply
As I call your name.
Let me dreamÖ

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