The Withering Man
©November 23, 1997 by L.S.Johns

The withering man was a friend of mine,
He was warm and he was mild.
His name was Rodney and he laughed alot.
And together we shared a child,

But Rodney had a secret too,
He hid it from all, its true.
I shared his laughed his humor and his bed.
We loved and fought and he fled,

The years went by since hed gone away.
Im here for just a short while, hed say.
Ive been traveling and seeing the world,
Now I wanted to see our little girl,
But Rodney had a secret.

The weeks went by and Rodney failed,
He was weak and drawn and pale.
Hed seen the world and all its ills,
Hed fled to live out his thrills,

And Rodney had a secret,
We took him in so hed recover,
But the question wasnt real,
Everybody knew, Rodney wouldnt heal.

Yes Rodney had a secret,
And he took it to his grave,
We all watch it consume him,
And everybody prayed.

But Rodney had a secret,
It took his life last year,
Rodney was ashamed.
Rodney died without a tear,

But Rodney shared my bed,
And now could I share his fate,
Rodney has a secret,
He admitted it to late.....

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