the sensuality of us
©January 1998 by jenni o'toole

curving the palm of my hand
around the rose, gently.  it feeling like
skin, soft
then taking in , with a deep breath
it's scent.  i do the same with you.

the 'us' in the flower, ours
in a garden
surrounding it and feeling your skin, every sense
i have, alert, this is
a feast.

sensuality unleashed and shared
and given back
like a loop
nothing cold
only a place to grow and unfold
the 'us'
ours is intoxicating.

breathing you
taking my air
i taking in yours
this space
our space, a sensuous place.

i want to bathe in it,
because our eyes hold not
a glance but
a place to be.

the warmth as each
finger wraps
around the next until five
make ten
mine fitting inside yours, and
our palms kiss.

another deep breath
you are here
bringing me towards your mouth
a gate
that opens and
a place for our tongues to play.

i look in the mirror
barely watching, my skin glistens
i am close.

i am rocking slowly
you have pressed your body
close to mine
i must move
we move
the stickiness between us.

we speak to
each other and
become candle wax melting
from a flame
bodies blending a rhythm
of breath and fire
and an
appetite to reach
each others core.

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