The rim of the world
©2000 by Carol Marie

The fog hung just below the main highway
as we raced to the Rim of the World
to try and capture what we first found
when we came together, holding fast
the dreams that wound themselves
around our hearts
We stood atop the rocky formations
scribbling our new found love upon the rocks
that laid a testament to lovers around the world
We wrote our names across the myriad of time
even asked tourists to take our photo
the first of you and I...without the pain
of our everyday lives
I love you as sure as fire breathes life into us
as clear as water rinses and showers
bringing much needed nutrients
to an other wise thirsty world
I accepted your ring as a symbol for your love
someday we will marry...and live happily ever after
thats forever and two days
Standing overlooking the world from a rim
a place of heights where lovers have jumped
to be locked in an embrace for eternity
Im glad that we can have that without the big Ouch

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