"The Infiltration of my soul"
©October 29, 1997 by L.S.Johns

Woe for the visions that haunt my dreams,
Ever the tormenting sounds of my screams.
How you held me and threatened my life for desire,
A mere thing to quench your twisted carnal fire.
Still the sounds of your panting ring in my ears,
So long, so painful the many years,
Still nothing impedes it, nothing soothes this cynical heart.
For only you, it was you that tore my soul apart.
Destroying my trust, my laughter my clever zest.
Within a solitary moment you shattered my best.
My soul you lay bare with your twisted commands,
My most secret places, were your demands.
The night air I still feel it, and the heat on my face,
As you stalked me then raped me, you were debase.
In the darkness you held me, forcing me on the ground.
Down to rape and abuse, spill your seed in me and was
a field for to flourish, I abound.
And the cold steel and the bright lights, numbing my soul.
Harvesting your seed from my essence and completely,
I'm shattered within but a trice of the surgeons hand.
Frozen forever in my tortured mind.
And there you are, still haunting my every waking thought,
Still raping me with you memory. As if devouring me whole,
Still I wake with a start as those visions return,
How I'd had to end it, my soul does still yearn,
For the knowledge of who or what it would be,
And my loathing of you and your member in me.
Ever more, Ever more, How I hate you Ever more...
I pray God will forgive me, I wish you were dead,
But my memories linger, always, always fixed in my head,
Because of the degradation you forced on me...

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