The First Time
©March 2000 by Tanti
Sitting on the edge of the bed;timid and unsure
  She walks in,hair spilling over her shoulders
Long and beautiful
  Walks over to me and gently caresses my cheek
Speaking sweet promises
  Kisses.She kisses me.On the mouth,cheek,ear,throat.
Is this what it's like?To be worshiped?
  Standing up we undress;so slow,deliberate,planned.
So perfect.
  Lay on the bed.Not a command;a request.
She's magic.Was it ever like this before?
  We merge as one.
Hands so soft,lips so sweet.Her mouth,tongue.
  Ohh...I can't wait.
Hour after hour I can not explain; torrent emotions.
  The sound of my name....on her lips.

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