The First Time
©1999 by Jasmine

     As I kissed on her neck,  I knew what I was doing was wrong but It
felt so right...  Her moans sent shivers through out my body.  My
anticipation grew as my hands traced paths of fire across her soft body.
I wanted her so bad that I could just imagine how sweet she tasted upon
my lips.  My hands wandered freely along her body caressing every hot
spot they came across.  Her face was twisted with passion when she
looked at me, which made me crave her sensuous body even more.
     It felt as time had stopped just for us to make love... No one or
nothing else mattered in the world except for me and her.  Her eyes are
beautifully almond shaped, her lips, delicate.  Her breasts soft and
silky, her thighs smooth and creamy....  I could kiss her sexy body all
night long, and hold her til' the morning light.
    But I knew daybreak would soon come as night departed and I
would have to go.   Oh, how I dreaded morning light shining through
her windows....... Morning is the beginning of a new day for most...
But for me, It was an end.... An end to a night that I wished could
just last forever.

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