©1995 by Harlequeen

Your body unwittingly entices me,
Secret messages, decoded.
The public face, calm, compact.  Below
The torrent tears against convention.

Reticence overtaken by desire,
Bodies touching tentatively.
Muscles tight with expectation.  Fingers
Moving across untried landscape.

Lithe, supple thighs envelop me,
Mouth, suckling breasts.
Body contours delineated.  Tongues
Tasting flesh heavy with perspiration.

Wet lips meet, delighting me,
Orgasm, beginning slowly
Pulsating until unbearable.  Energy
Spent on physical pleasure.

Light reflects on beaded sweat,
Hair, pseudo-blonde
Darkening down the length.  Revealing
Nature's intended colourings.

Your body blatantly entices me,
Past pleasures remembered,
Encouraging me to your bed.  Repeated
With excruciating variety.

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