Soul-Pressed Skin
©2000 by Ami M. Doehring

Soul pressed skin
inside me
the light of the room
is a hair-line crack of
inhibitions turned loose.
Movement twists ragged
breathe over my body
is in-complete-ness.
I wait to be immortalized
christened by hyr fiery kisses
sanctified within hyr lungs.

In your eyes,
Japanese Rain Incense
curls tenderly.

Asleep with death...
Just a whisper away.
In my physical world
she is starlight blazing
throughout me.
In my dream world
she is fantasia dancing
on webs of dream drop.

Wind ravages the leaves
turning in fiece delicacy
the symphony rages on.
The storm wets the world dark
unrelentless in this compressed room.
Hyr marks of passion
brand my skin infrared possesion.

The language we use-to speak
grows limp in my mouth.
"No words" you say without.

The fraction of hyr gaze
leafs through me
she pause over my gentle stream
and sinks into my thick grass.

The area that surrounds is insignificant.
Scenery slips through our fingers

A placid sigh escapes my lips
and I drown into hyr
soul-pressed skin.

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