©2000 by Little Rascal

Love is not supposed to hurt
Yet I have brought to you
Immense heartache and pain
Love was made to be shared
Yet our true feelings
Must be hidden
Love should be proudly proclaimed
Not kept in secret
With guilt
Does this mean I do not love you?
No...because true love is never wrong
It may be
The wrong time
The wrong place
But it was meant to be
God brings all hearts together
Even those who think
They are wrong
Their meeting, their connecting,
Is all a part of his plan
Loving you
Is the best thing
I have ever done.
I am good at it
I am confident in it
I am nourished by it
And I will never cease
To love you
With all my heart and soul
Even though right now
You cannot accept it
And you don't believe
That it should be
Patiently I will wait
And hope that someday
You will see.....

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