sitting in class
©1997 by Word Mage

everyday you sit in front of me
in the seat you feel most comfortable in
the first thing i noticed
was your hair
so long and thick
and slightly wavy
when you let it down
it flows over my desk
i have to gently
nudge it out of my way
soft and silky
lightly scented

at first i wondered
      How long does it take her to brush it?
i wonder
      Would she let me brush it?

never before have i been so
by someone's hair
by eyes
and hips,

i want to bury my face in your hair
and bunch it in my hands
and caress it gently
and feel the heavy weight
descending through my fingers

as if by rote
you tilt your head
to move your hair off my desk
'sorry' you murmur
your voice too low for me to hear
more than a single word

but now i have a more
your neck
and the slope of your shoulders
as they disappear into your loose t-shirt
even in that
you look so sexy nuzzle that soft skin
right where that soft hair begins
to run the tip of my moist tongue
along the crease of neck and chin

will you like it?
will you moan?
my ears throb at the thought
gods how i want
to make you moan

my lips are actually aching
aching to nibble
and caress
from the slope
just above your shirt collar
along that invisible loveline
that i just know
will make you squirm with pleasure
to just below your earlobe
then i'd nuzzle that soft little spot
where lobe touches cheek
nuzzle softly and gently
with the moist tip of my tongue
when wrap it around
and pull it in
just past my caressing lips
and suck
savoring the soft flesh
stretching it until i can press
my teeth down
just behind your single piercing
and then rake them
in my
biting down
         just a little harder

the closer
        i come
             to the end

would you like that?

would you moan?


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