Shimmering Love Butterfly
©April 29, 2000 by Bastet

Butterfly, Butterfly
    Flying towards me
    As sweet as my lover,
    My parter, my Loving half

My hope in the skys jovial moon
   It never seemed more lovely
   Pale on the Horizon, like leaves frosted in snow

Behind those fragile glasses
   His eyes burn bright against this flagrant winter
   air, a whisper in water
   I do not care if Butterfly's are for girls Because
   you bursted into one
   For Mich
   For Mich, how beautiful to be

A colorful boy in the shape of a butterfly
   flying towards me...
   You even landed on my Knee,kissed my nose and said
   With this Lavender haze dabbleing about us
   I shall kiss you when you unravel in emergency

Cloth is stained by my fluttering grace
   Complete your missen
   Push up to extremly rapid flight
   Come home to me

Kiss my emotions and nourish my embrace
   Return tonight...not a threat in sight!
   Then we'll have to make new Love,
                       new shimmering Love
   So, you can feel my secrets and we can sleep tight

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