Rites of Passage
©2000 by Carol Marie

Climbed that mountaintop in record time
then sat down and swallowed some wine
felt as it painted my lips with earthly red
smiled at the sky as I raised my head
to marvel about the pleasantries
this life has to offer

I walked along the tidal pools of the north coast
as the water coolly lapped up over my toes
chilling me in a near perfect dawn bathed in silver
acknowledging the requisite beauty of timber
casting a lovely shade of amber
across the forest floor

I marched against time when it raced away from me
tried to lasso that vestige of tales that slipped so easily
into the forgotten patterns of some other war
where the epilettes and medals have all been torn
from the views of the peoples who line the streets
gladly toasting to all they meet

I painted pastels across a sky that hung glittering stars
illuminating the path on which I ran to get to my car
wanted to drive down that winding road that would take
me into your arms and then my teeth might rake
across what you call precious and I call more

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