Remember Me
©2000 by FParis

Each time you pass the tracing of my hands
upon your door … reach up and place yours gently
into mine … that’s what they’re for!

On a night with stars so clear, you want to reach
and touch the moon … think of me?

When the moon seems like she looks right back at
you and sort of winks … think of me?

As the moon reflects upon the waters
rippling effect … think of me?

And the ripple seems to be approaching where
you sit and watch … think of me?

You want to reach and sift that ripple dance right
through your fingers ... think of me?

Your heart beats with a rhythm only you
can understand … think of me?

The rhythm slows and causes you to sit back
and just breeeathe … think of me?

You touched my heart and soul as if a change
was meant to be … and all that has transpired
says you will ‘remember me’

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