Poofs in the park
©1997 by Loons (Linda Carter)

I walked through a park  and saw two men, they loved each other, so they embraced,
passers by, passed I'm judgement, and made known of their disgrace.
But they love each other tentatively, why does it matter anyway?,
can't help that there both men, it just happens that way.
I sat and I watched them kiss, how different it must be,
they both seem to be enjoying it, and were completely ignoring me.
They wrestled with each other, their muscles bulging out of their shirts,
and then some of their mates rock up, these ones wearing skirts.
They all sat under a tree, talked, caressed, and giggled
one stood up and came towards me, and as he walked he wiggled.
He approached me with a smile and said, come and sit over with us,
don't worry honey, we wont bite, so needn't make a fuss.
I sat under that tree with those boys that day, till god knows when,
thoroughly enjoyed myself,.....felt safe among real men.

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