A Place of Departure
©April 1995 by Sage

The door said members only, so I never entered.

Whenever I peeked in, their eyes warned me away.
Then, I wandered through countless other doors, until I was led in the back way of that
forbidden place and discovered that I had always been a member.
If only I had known . . .

Perhaps, I would not be as confident without facing the challenges and the trials.
Perhaps, I would not know the strength in being sensitive, compassionate and accepting.
Perhaps, I would not understand unity in diversity.
Perhaps, I would not have tread to the edge of my comfort zone and pushed beyond it.
And perhaps, I would not appreciate as much: the gift of being and loving a woman.

The years that passed by were simply the cost of my liberation and joy.
Now, may my eyes always welcome the curious and the lost.

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