©1997 by Loons (Linda Carter)

To walk along the shoreline, salt and sand beneath our feet,
the wind and waves play the melody, our hearts skipping to the beat.
An invitation to kiss you,  I allow myself to taste,
the tulip essence from your lips, with seductiveness they are laist.
Bodies trembling, ......desire burning,  combining like concrete and mesh,
the sands of time digest our thoughts, and our hearts kiss between our flesh.
Living in the subconscious, we make love beneath the sea,....
to contain control I have no breath, ..... in waves of ecstasy.
Lay you down on grains of sand, spend my soul on you.....,
the moonlight on your golden skin , your eyes reflecting too.
High on your breath, ...........arrested by your touch,
a warmth that feeds me........ flows from the crutch.
The wind and waves still plays the tune, and serenades our
deepest thoughts and fears,
numbness rules my flesh, pulsing blood and tears.
Energies flow from you to me,  an over powering force,
i kiss you with a burning fire, consumed up by its source.

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