©2000 by FParis

Your caring, sweet and thoughtful ways
all come together everyday,
and cause my mind to fill with you …
and there is nothing I can do.

“This, too, shall pass”, you write to me …
those aren’t the words I care to see;
I knew I would, but with the rest,
I also got your heartfelt best.

I like to think once in awhile,
that you, too, see the blue moon smile.
She can let you know how true
my pending love will be, for you.

If I could turn off all these thoughts
and make you think that I forgot ...
I’d do that ... no, that isn’t true;
you see ... there’s nothing I can do.

I still would like to touch your hand;
to see those eyes see where I stand …
perspective plays a hard-core roll,
in this, a life I’ll never know.

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