That Mushroom was Me
©1998 by Word Mage

i am in this typewriter!
shouted the tiny mushroom
how dare you pound those keys?
don't you know the noise stunts my growth?
the mushroom trounced about and pouted
what are those silly humans doing again?
this was his home
those keys poked him when he tried to sleep
and the rocking made him queasy
the ti-chunk of the returning letter carriage
shook his filaments
the only time he was happy
was when that ridiculous machine was off
why didn't he leave, you say?
it's my home!
shouted the tiny minuscule mushroom
day after day after day after day...
he shouted
this is my home!  leave me alone!
sick to death
of the noise and racket
he jumped on the letter carriage
and with one swift stroke
the human began her letter.

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