©2000 by Ami M. Doehring

Smoke lifted
The veil of ice
I wanted peace
You gave me release
Hazy lids lifted
I can see
I am born
Don’t be guilty
Stay here in my eyes.

Do you know what it means
To love someone without
Predestined condition?
That is how I love you.
I can feel pieces of myself
Fade and new pieces form.
Ashes to a rose—
I bloom for your words.

I’d rather have you in my life-
Than not at all.
It tears and bends but this heart
Bares your stamp, bares your secrets.
My body remains yours.
I want you to take whatever time
It is that you need
If you promise me I’ll wait
If you don’t want me I’ll go.
I cannot give up without trying
Without wanting.

I had this dream
I was old and so were you.
We were together
And that was the way it should be.
*You were the poem I wanted to
Show someone—we moved openly*
Into the world of dreams.

To me you are more than dream
Even more than poetry.
I loved you before
I knew what love was
We were made without
Reason or fate.

“Should it have happened this way?”
“Were we too young the first time?”
“Is it made to last again?”
What is the point of questions?
No words right now
Curl up inside me
Fall into the moment
I would rather have a lifetime of
“We tried”
Than no chance of knowing
“What could have been.”

There is no room for guilt, regret or reason.
I am yours and I want you for mine.

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