"Mind, Body & Soul"
©2000 by Little Rascal

"Come my love and lay with me
Rest in my embrace
For a moment indulge me
As I gaze upon your face
I long to touch your silken skin
Wander deeply within your eyes
Give you all the love I can
And claim your heart as mine
So bring to me your lips so sweet
Gently greet my kiss
Until the urgency begins its beat
And into desire we drift
Let the music of your lovely voice
Dance upon my ear
The song will be a lover's choice
As I draw you ever nearer
Let me lie so close my love, to you
Our hearts beat as one, no longer two
For my body needs your soothing touch
As sure as flowers need the rain
We'll take our time, let us not rush
When together we find ourselves again
I'd live my life to be the one
Find the way to make you mine
And walk with you through forever
One beautiful pleasure at a time
For you see my love, this is my goal
To know you, hold you and love you
Mind...Body...and Soul....

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