"Midnight Yearnings"
©July 1998 by Spring

The world has closed its eyes.
We stand naked in the dark clothed by the shadows of the night.
Our appointed time as whispered by our souls.

Garments peeled and there we stand.
Contours and shapes muted by the beauty of the night.
The quiet interrupted only by the beating of our hearts.

The incidental grazing of our breasts.
Hips coupled by the power of our hands.
Hip on hip, pelvic sway, mound grinding mound -our cutting edge.

Feet firmly planted and only the power of something deep inside...
building like the winding of a spring.
Torque and pitch screaming in the night.

Fully wound you guide me to the bed...
Reclining in that graceful pose you draw me to you...
As my head finds the comfort of your breasts.

Right hand anchors the fullness of my breast.
Hips settled in their place, legs wrapping mine to hold them tight.
This night...I am ready for your taking.

Free hand shuttling through the fineness of my silk.
Eyes closed I feel the pattern of your hand...
Fingering the curls that lie there waiting for your touch.

Drowing thoughts - images whirling through my mind.
Only you will know when to draw apart those lips...
To find that dormant seed embedded in those virgin folds.

Your fingertips slowly work their way around igniting passion.
Pedals reaching to engulf those thirsty fingers.
The power of your limbs holding me ever firmer in your grasp.

And now my whispered cry..."reach deep, reach deep my love."
Stretch my lips before the river flows...
And let me feel the sting of roving hands.

The grinding bite of hardened knuckles...
Clit receding with the pain..."reach my love, reach deep my love."
The relentless twist of thirsty fingers - swollen pedals.

My late night offerings - a quit squirt of flowing fluid.
Bittersweet my painful passion.
Quiet drippings precede my moanful cumming.

Sweaty palms stick to my breast.
Heat and sweat bond me tightly to your form.
Your sweaty mound receives my gift.

Midnight yearnings hold me tight.

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