Let me love you
©1999 by Ahnivah Williams

Note:  This poem expresses the love that I had for a friend of mine. She just couldn't let herself feel anything. This is dedicated to her and to our quiet and shy love.

I see you gaze into my eyes, but you won't let me touch you
Your raven hair shimmers and glows in the sunset, but you are afraid to feel
I want to take you over
I want to make your body feel the all the guilty pleasures that you are afraid to grasp
I cherish your soft and tender hands as I kiss you fingertips
Let go of your obstacles
Overcome you fear of feeling and experiencing
Will you let me love you?
Don't be afraid, my innocent and virgin love
I am aching to touch your lips
My soul is crying out to yours
I know you feel your heart breaking
Will you let me love you?
Don't let your mind stop you
Give me a sign
One little glimmer of your affection is all I need
Let me love you
Let go and let me love you

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