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I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is; I
only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments
that differentiate me from a doormat.      --Rebecca West, 1913

Why be Normal?
"Two of a kind beats a straight."
The Christian Right is Neither
Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman
I'm the girl your mama warned you about!
I don't mind straight people, as long as they act gay in public
The Road to Hell is Paved with Republicans /Reform
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are not "Special Rights"
If you can't Change your mind, Do you still have one?
Minds are like Parachutes, they only function when open
If you think education is expensive, Try Ignorance
God, please save me from your followers
Homophobia is a social disease
I know what Girls like
pink sheep of the family
mean people suck, not in a good way
We're here we're queer, get over it
Women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition
come out now, ask me how
The Moral Majority is Neither
Gay by nature Proud by choice
Never again, Never forget (w/ pink triangles, re: the holocaust)
focus on your own damn family
A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose
We are Everywhere
Your Hate Becomes You
Hate is Not a Family Value
Doing my Part to Piss off the Radical Right
Celebrate Diversity
Question Assumptions
Question Authority
Access you inner bitch
My daughter came out of the closet and all I got was this lousy T-shirt
I fuck anything that moves - so don't fidget
Don't think of it as losing a daughter - think of it as gaining another daughter
Uppedy Women of the World Unite
Explain to me again why I Need a man
Feminism is the radical notion that women are people
I like to think of `men` as the diminutive of `women`
Been there, done both
Love knows no gender
I can't even think straight
Well, I don't believe you exist either
Refuse to Choose
Outlaw / Gender Outlaw
Lesbian without an issue
Closeted, confused and proud
Strong enough for a lesbian, but made for a man
Having a fabulous weekend, wish you were queer
You're a naughty girl. Go to my room.
I think, therefore I'm single.
Let's get one thing straight, I'm not
Dyke in Shining Armor
Lesbian Proud, and Living in the Suburbs.
Shock your parents tell them the truth
We are the people our parents warned us about
Straight but not narrow
Out of the closet and into the street
There are no closets in cyberspace
I'm out, therefore I am.
One nuclear family can ruin your whole life
Fuck your gender
Eliminate heterosexual privilege
Queer without a cause
Does doing a muppet count as bestiality?
Blessed are the censors, for they shall inhibit the earth
That's a little latex between friends?
Catholic repression Just say no
I was Catholic, but I've since recovered
Don't dare assume I'm straight
How *dare* you assume I'm straight
Bi the way, don't assume I'm gay
Happy bi nature
Blatantly bisexual
God is an Equal Opportunity Lover
Equal Opportunity Lover
Loud and Queer
Queer as Fuck
faggot with attitude
dyke with attitude
Bent is best
Gay rights are human rights
Have a gay day
That's mister faggot to you
Closets are for clothes
Keep your laws off my body
Love is not a crime
I love my pretend family
Chosen family
I survived a Catholic education
I'm an incurable romantic homosexual
I'm a woman's woman
I'm a man's man
I'm not a lesbian but my girlfriend is
I'm not gay but my boyfriend is
Pretend family member
Please do not tease or feed the straights
Keep your rosaries off our ovaries
2468 How do you know your husband's straight?
3579 Your wife might be lesbian
2468 Gay's twice as good as straight
3579 Lesbians are quite divine
Let's go straight bashing
Bash Back!
God loves me the way I am. Gay
I'm straight, but it might be just a phase
We're here, we're queer, get used to it
We're here, we're queer and we're not going shopping
We're here, we're queer, we're fabulous
I'm here, I'm queer and I fuck (wo)men too
Queer (in large CocaCola style writing; and then underneath...) "Can't beat the feeling."
Picture of the 7UP character; with the slogan underneath "It's cool to be queer"
Picture of the NIKE symbol; with the slogan Dyke
I'm too bisexual for my shirt
James Dean  too fast to live, too young to die, and definitely bi
Safe sex bi all means
I like it both ways
You're Silence Will Not Protect You
Out is In
She Who Laughs, Lasts
Back Off, I'm a Goddess
God is Coming and is She Pissed
Fight AIDS Not People With AIDS
Use Condom Sense
The Meek Are Getting Ready
Question the voice of complicity
Good Neighbors come in ALL COLORS
No One is Free, When Others are Oppressed
Enjoy Life, This is Not a Dress Rehearsal
Imagination is more important than knowledge
"Not a Morning Person" doesn't even begin to cover it
Action = Life, Silence = Death
AIDS: No Body's Fault, Everybody's Problem
Love is All it Takes to Make A Family
A Good Man Looking For A Bad Boy
Bareback Rider
Don't Legislate My Morality
An army of lovers cannot fail
Fear Is Understandable, Ignorance Is Unacceptable
Wilde About Sappho
Being Weird Isn't enough
Recruit Recruit Recruit
Don't Ask for Equality...Vote It!
Don't Worry, only Men Women & Children Get AIDS
Equality for Gays & Lesbians Everywhere
GOD is GREAT! It's the people who work for her who are Assholes
I have the body of a GOD: Buddha
I sleep with Women
It takes balls to be a fairy
I Used to be Snow White But I Drifted
Jesus Saves! By Using Double Coupons & Shopping Wisely
If You Can Rope Me, You Can Ride Me
I'm Too Vain To Be Straight
Jane's Not The Only One Who Likes Dick
We the people...(That means all of us.)
When Life's A Drag, Wear A Dress
Kinky is using a feather. Perverted in Using the Whole Chicken
My Goddess Gave Birth to your God
New Clinical Studies show There are no Answers
Quality Of Relationship Is More Important Then the Gender...
Sin Boldly
Some Do. Some Don't. I might
The Goddess is Here and She is Organizing
Yes It's True I've Fallen In With The Wrong Crowd
I've had surgery on my genitals, not my brain
I'm the lesbian your mother warned you about
lesbian or straight: unzip your genes and see
I'm not born again, my Mother got it right the first time!
A kiss is just a kiss
Dykes to watch out for
OPERATION RESCUE...meet Thelma & Louise
Take a Lesbian To Lunch
Coloring Outside the lines
Infinitely Lesbian
My family tree ends here
Not a breeder
What closet?
I'm in an open relationship, just don't tell my partner.
Follow me home and you can be my "ex"
Let's not be friends
Let's be friends ... The sex was lousy
I want an open relationship ... No commitment, just sex
We don't have to have sex ... Commitment, no sex, psychotherapy
your too much to go a day without you ... The sex was great
What ever happened to Romance? ... Sex loses its novelty after the first 10,000 times

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