Power Lunch

This story just in from a friend who is an attorney.

Six or seven young male attorneys from various law firms got together for lunch. Among them was Byron, a tall, well-built, straight-acting guy who is fairly open about being gay but does not advertise it.  Across the table from him was James, a hard-driving, successful guy who happens to be African American.

During the course of the meal, and after a few martinis, James weighs in with a joke that is not very flattering to gays. Byron gets real quiet.  He is sitting in a group of six other guys and they all thought it was pretty funny. Then James starts talking about how he can't stand "faggots and queers" and the others just listen until he has said his
piece. It gets quiet. Then Byron looks across the table at him and says:

"You know, I really can't stand niggers."

Everybody at the table freezes. James's jaw drops and he just stares in disbelief at Byron. Then Byron smiles at him and says,

"I don't really hate you at all. But I am gay."

James got the point. Not only did he apologize in front of everyone at the table for his joke and comments, but he bought Byron's lunch. The score was:

Coming Out - 1,  Prejudice - 0

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