Just when I was happy..................
©1999 by Loons (Linda Carter)

Note:  In Loving Memory of Kayla.

Her hair yet flowed one way, at the dawning of the day,
her eyes reflected her purity, I was stuck for words to say.
now at  the back roads of my life, standing bare foot on a mountain,
striving for another thirst, a sip from the antidote fountain.
A cure for what's unfair, yet seems so cruel to be true.
I scream out for the answer,..... it's all that I could do.
I didn't know that our time was on borrow,
taken for granted was  today, ....that I didn't even think of tomorrow.
Your soul searching seemed all normal
who was I to clip your wings,
so I never pushed my views on you
when the churches said those fearful things.
But it somehow led you away from me,
they  said I was your downfall too,
took you to another state, where they started to program you.
You struggled with acceptance,
and you had so much to gain,
I guess that was far from your thoughts
as death flowed through your vains.
I stand on this mountain still,
there are no words........................................words can kill..........
This world can be so cruel, its conditions to follow rule
it can leave the soul bruised and battered,
the spirit broke, torn and shattered.
Words without knowledge,
a breath of bad air,
viewing an opinion, on someone else's despair.
Words of ignorance, to one self should keep,
you never know whose listening,
and how those words cut deep.
The world can be so cruel, this hearts been bruised and battered,
when the one I loved was so easily dropped and shattered
she left her all on the wings of a lie,
too fragile and bruised,.....and too young to die.
And as sure as the sun sets so low in the sky,
it leaves me bewildered and I'm still asking too........
still standing on the mountain thirsting  for you...........

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