The Journey
©1997 by Sage

Note:  I had the opportunity to give my poem "Hidden Treasure" to my muse. She cried.  We had a wonderful intimate live-in relationship for 9 months. Then she told me she wasn't in love with me after all. I was devastated and wrote this:

We took a hundred steps together, 'shared a hundred kisses too.
A hundred silk caresses and professing love for me I believed you.
Treasuring you, I gave you my dearest treasures.
Holding you, you slipped away.
Your arms released me to a prison of grief.
I cry at the sight of you putting on your armor.
I moan for you in memories unfulfilled.
I will look for signs of you in everyone who tries to steal my eyes.
Only one such as you could fill this void, if I could ever trust again.
I'll remember you as the love of a lifetime,
knowing you'll remember me as just a friend.

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