"The Intent"
©1999 by Liz Green

Your words spoke of love
They cover my heart like a warm blanket
They touch my soul like the softness of a babyís skin
They roam with my spirit along a path yet discovered

I hear the echo of your voice
Traveling to my heart
Meeting with my own love for you
Dancing together, held tightly
Bound by our soulís destiny

Does destiny have courage?
Your reassuring voice tells me so, of love having courage
Coming in stride
Next to my side
Melting the metal
Stripping away the layer of protection
I have carefully pile high

And all this is gone
Melted into a pool of love
Opening my heart

So easily, all is gone
Only remnants remain
Bits and pieces
You see me overjoyed
Yet you see my tears
Tears of disbelief
Not of sorrow, disbelief that you enter so easily
Disbelief that you allow me to love you
To give myself so freely
In complete abandon do I give to you
For I know no other way, you see.
You see, I am but a woman who has not want to hold empty hearts
I am but a woman who has no desire to deny you of my love
I am but a woman, full of love for you

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