©2000 by L.S.Johns

Would it be my destiny that I should lose you now?
In the reverence of all that tarry behind.
That I should see my future here at itís dreary end,
Still I will always call you my friend.

Through the frigid winds that blow across my soul,
Again Iíll never hold you, nor be whole.
Our laughter lingers long after the lid is closed,
forever I will mourn you, in my prose.

Would it be my destiny, that I should watch you die?
In the stroke of a heart, or the blinking of an eye?
How my heart feels weary and torn apart, itís true.
Iíve mourned you as Iíve watched my life become

I know you will forgive me friend, Iíve suffered so, so
I let you go, sing no more, your sad funeral song.
Your hand will always touch me, my dreams, my
soul, my heart,
But I must let you go for now, someday weíll never

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