©2000 by Caslon

i'm getting tired of this indecision
should i bet my life
should i bet eternity
if its wrong, it doesn't feel it

no, this canít be wrong
my soul would tell me so
my soul would let me know
wish i had a solution
wish i had peace

what is going on here
i cry  because i am confused
i cry  because i am very scared
i cry  because i am the same person i have always been
i cry  because now the rules have changed

everyone has their own opinion
they adamantly believe what they think they know
majority rules?

minus all of my fears
minus all of the beer
minus all of the tears
there still remains some good cheer
hope that life is
hope that life can be as easy as was when i was young

I want to REALIZE my full potential
for me to really live is for me to live as a gay woman.
am i living to live or living to die
i have to make a choice

God, iím dying to live.

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