"If You Were Mine"
©2000 by Little Rascal

Sitting here I'm looking at a photo of you
I should be doing other things
But I can't draw myself away from your eyes
Its as if they are speaking to me
Dark and deeply expressive
Yet even in this serious picture
I see a light dancing within them
In these eyes I have seen
The playful mischief of a child
The nurturing warmth of a wonderful Mom
The loving concern of a dear friend
The passionate fire of a sensuous woman
I long to watch these eyes
As they close in slumber
And again as they open
To the morning sun
I ache to see them smile at me
Across the dinner table
Across a room full of people
From behind me in the mirror
Or beside me in the car
I love these eyes and the woman behind them
And yet I know
Another looks upon these eyes with love
And I wonder
Does that one tell you
What they see there?
Do they tell you all the little things
That make them love you so?
Does that one go out of the way
To make you understand
How beautiful you are in their eyes?
I think I could...I know I would try...
If only you were mine...

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