I Believe
©November 1999 by FParis

I do believe I’ve learned my lesson …
but I do have one confession …
there’s a magical impression
on this heart of mine!

Now I have to think it over …
stay here in this field of clover,
then I think about what drove her
right on past that line?

I’d like to stay just where I am …
‘cause someday we may start again …
and that way, she knows, when she can,
I’ll be waiting here!

And I believe, without a doubt
that we weren’t meant to be without …
three thousand miles do not count,
let me make that clear!

I cried a river … well, a stream …
Then had to ask, “what does this mean?”
In love … or love? It sure did seem
to be a lot of sad.

So I just figured “got too close” …
two months was not enough for those.
But nonetheless, was quite a dose …
I’ll never call it bad!

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