I Am
©1999 by FParis

"I am"  I said ... so there ... so what?
In no way should it interrupt
the life you choose to lead right now,
so tell me, "this affects you ... how?"

I'd like to help you understand,
so I'll just say, "not sure God planned
this hate that seems to fill mankind"
and hope it changes over time.

We all, I guess, can choose to be
a target for society,
but I am sure GAY is 'no choice' ...
you need to hear your inner voice.

Stop and think about your hate ...
does it really compensate ...
give you what you need from life?
Or does it cut you like a knife?

Let me interject this thought ...
if GAY were 'right' and straight was not;
can you imagine what you'd do ...
hating that we're fearing you?

I do not retaliate ...
I know it would not change the hate,
so I ask this, not difficult ...
"I am" I said ... so there ... so what?

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