How I Begin My Day
©2000 by Norma Jean Lipert

The morning sun shines through my window
Gently waking me from my peaceful sleep
To thoughts of you... as I begin my day
I close my eyes briefly once more
Before I lift my body from my bed
And I think of you.
Your kiss... your touch... your sweetness
The feel of your hands caressing my body
And the passion of your kisses
Lighting my heart with desire.
I hunger for you, missing you so
I envision my fingers running through your hair
Gently tugging as your hair hugs them
And wraps itself around them.
As our bodies did.
Wrapped together in a passionate embrace
Kissing, touching, so close
We are almost as one.
You moan as I gently lick your nipples
Making them hard and erect
I reach down.... and touch you
You are so wet... my head spins
Feeling your wetness excites me
And I become wet too.
I love how you feel
And I long to taste you.
My tongue travels down
And I drink from your fountain
The more I drink... the more there is.
You moan and your moans excite me
Even more.
My tongue encircling your clit
Driving you wild....
Making you scream.
Until you can't take it any more.
Then I stop..... and kiss you once again.
With the taste of you still on my lips
We kiss and hug and hold some more.
And this is how I begin my day.

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