Holding, Still
©November 1999 by FParis

Let me be specific; what we shared was quite terrific Ö
but not the only thing my life requires.

Iíll get right to the core, it is your heart Iím needing more Ö
your love, along with all of those desires.

Youíre right, Iím holding on, yes, still, until my mind is gone Ö
for I feel you are what my waiting meant.

And I can tell you now, that I believe youíll see, somehow Ö
that our chance meeting was no accident.

The hardest thing I find is holding back whatís on my mind Ö
I canít hide feelings that I have for you.

So let me just share this ~ Iíd like for you to grant this wish Ö
please get in touch, if you should want me, too!

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