Hidden Treasure
©1997 by Sage

Note:  I came out 2 years ago at the age of 47, and read some personal ads in the Bay Times, San Francisco Bay area gay newspaper. Thought about submitting one, asked myself what I really wanted. I thought of the qualities of a woman I adored from afar and wrote but never published this:

This is a note in a bottle, cast with great hope into the bay.
I hope that you are near and it will find you ... someday.
You have journyed half a lifetime of deserts and mountians
to reach your shore as I have mine.
You have great integrity and compassion.
You are truly brilliant and kind.
You sear through complacency and platitudes,
like a laser to reveal the truth.
You are devoted to your work, your causes your pets,
your home and your friends.
But you clothe your heart in armor and you sleep alone.

Dream of me and awaken to my presence.
I am a nurturing, courageous, loving, spiritual
and very affectionate lesbian.
Let my eyes be your mirror,
while you become my lens to viewing life with new clarity.
Let me experience the liberation of your embrace.
Let me expose you to the world with praise.
Let me adore you with my touch.
Enrich my world with your wisdom, caring and trust.
There is nothing in my life that I would keep from you.

This note will be found by other interesting women,
who may become dear friends.
But when I get to know you, your words will sing in my heart,
and each time I see you I will be drawn into your eyes,
And then I'll know ....you are the one.
Then let me journey beside you,
and I will treasure you for the rest of my life.

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